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What is TLC (True Lifestyle Cost)? 
TLC stands for True Lifestyle Cost and is the only way to search if you want to fully understand all the real and the hidden costs of your new home, including: commute, taxes, insurance rates, local gas prices—more than 30 lifestyle cost factors.

TLCengine is a comparative tool. Your actual costs of owning a particular home will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Factors to consider include the cost of your mortgage, which is pegged to your FICO score and financing choices, the age of the home, property taxes, utilities and your commute.

The search application also allows you to save searches, share and collaborate with your local agent. Conventional searches don’t let you do that.

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What does TLC include?
TLC combines your mortgage principal, interest, taxes and insurance (also known as PITI), utilities and commute costs into a monthly payment. You can search by TLC on this site for any home, or by its price. If you choose to create a free, private profile, you can customize your TLC with your actual expenses and financial profile, so that every house you review automatically includes your regular monthly expenses. That’s the best way to understand the total cost of any home on


Where does TLCengine get its mortgage rates?
TLCengine updates the APR for every type of loan featured on this site every day. It’s important to note that these rates are for guidance only; your actual rate will be based on your credit score, where you live, and the type of loan product you select. We feature different loan types so that you can easily surmise how selecting a different type of loan (30 year, 15 Years,  or 1/5 adjustable rate) and customizing your down payment could affect your mortgage payment.


Why should I customize my profile?
TLC uses estimated values for the mortgage amount, commute, utilities and insurance. These are fine (and accurate!) when you’re just beginning your search. But when it comes time to shop for real, filling out your TLC profile with your real expenses, commute and financial information makes every TLC payment accurate, because it’s built just for you. TLC profiles are always free, and they’re protected with bank-grade security. The more complete your TLC profile is, the better your search becomes. What’s more, if you’re working with an agent on, you can choose to share all or parts of your profile so you can collaborate in real time to find just the right home for you.


What is a FICO Score ?
FICO is a trade name for a credit score from Fair Isaac Corporation. It’s calculated with many pieces of credit data in your credit history, and includes both positive and negative information. A good track record of making payments on time will increase your score. FICO scores are built on the amounts you owe, how much new credit you have, the length of time you have had credit, the mix of credit you have, and your payment history.

FICO scores greatly affect the rate you may get on a mortgage, which impacts the total cost of a home. It’s an important tool in estimating your costs.


What is PITI?
PITI is a common acronym for the sum of your monthly principal, interest, taxes, and insurance.


Why are property taxes different than what is on the listings?
TLC predicts what your future property taxes using artificial intelligence, using the projected sales price and local taxes rates of the county.


How are utilities calculated?
TLCengine predicts your utility bills using artificial intelligence. TLC’s predictions take into account the characteristics of an individual property (type of home, age of home, type of heating cooling), local utility rates, and local climate data. TLC even considers the number of people living in the home, which is why your profile allows you to include children in your lifestyle choice.


How is commute calculated?
TLCengine updates local gas prices every day.  TLC models commute costs from a property to major city centers. We assume you drive a 2015 Honda Accord (21 City/31 Highway MPG), and go to work five days a week, and include average wear and tear in our calculations.  You can always customize your commute if you create a TLC profile. Of course, your commute may vary, especially if you drive a Maserati. That’s why it’s a good idea to customize your commute with a free TLC profile. (One more thing — we get miles per gallon data for every car from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, so no matter where you want to live, or what kind of car you drive, our predictions will be accurate.)


Where does the data come from?
We use national, state, and local zip code level data that comes from a variety of public and private sources and is optimized via our unique TLC algorithm.  This includes the US Department of Energy, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, myFico, and many other sources.


How often is the data updated?
Our data is updated in our system as quickly as it becomes available. We also utilize many daily feeds, including local gas rates and daily APR rates.