15 Fun “Winter” Holiday Events in Florida

I’ll go ahead and skip the winter weather comparison part of this post. It’s Florida — it’s warm, we know, we know … but Floridians can have winter fun, too, and with just as much holiday gusto! And we don’t have to shovel anything except sand for our beach castles.

So, put on your (entirely ornamental) scarves and boots, and let’s get into the spirit of all things frosty with these cool events.

Holiday Ice Skating

Faux Snow Falls

Holiday Experiences

Sub Zero Ice Bars

These ice bar options listed here are not holiday events, but open year round. It’s a unique way to experience “winter” here in Florida.

Here’s to hot chocolate, winter fun and … flip flops. I wish you a fantastic season!


Laura is a blogger and part of the marketing team for State27Homes.com | She has spent most of her life in the Sunshine State and does her best thinking at the beach with a perfect cup of coffee. Outside of work, Laura loves adventurous road trips, gardening, and spending time with her husband and pets in their little bungalow in the Conway area of Orlando.

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