4 Frightful Haunted Attractions in Central Florida for 2017!

Haunt list presented by guest blogger, Johnny Bronto Lipscomb, Founder of HauntScene.com.

Hello Haunt Fans!

Johnny Bronto here with HauntScene with four of our highest rated local haunted attractions!

Now, you might think this list is going to be all about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort OR Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, but I’m recommending a few of my favorite “independent” haunts. I do think events at Universal and Busch Gardens are high quality and fun, but because they are so popular they can also be exhausting from being on your feet standing in long lines, and tough on your budget with expensive tickets.

Many people have asked me for suggestions for other Halloween attractions that are more affordable, but that still pack a scary punch. Thankfully, Central Florida has MANY haunted attractions to choose from.  These “independent” haunts might mean driving a bit, but take it from me – it’s totally worth it.  These haunts put you through in small groups so all of the scares are fresh and intense!

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The Shallow Grave701 42nd St NW, Winter Haven, Florida 33881

Entering their FINAL SEASON, this is the one “DO NOT MISS” haunt event for this year. The Grave has set the standard for haunted attractions in Florida, and are looking to go out with a bang.  There are two highly detailed haunted houses that are an assault on all your senses with some of the most aggressive scare-actors in the business.

Keep in mind that these haunted houses are interactive, so you may get wet or be touched as part of the experience.

  • Tip – On select nights, they are offering a “Feargasm” upgrade option to your pass that includes UNLIMITED re-entry all night… if you can handle it.
  • Scare scale: 10/10 – you won’t find anything scarier in Central Florida this season.
  • Cost: Tickets start at $25 for both trails, with an optional “Feargasm” available on select nights.

The Chamber of Terror – 705 Channelside Drive, Tampa, Florida 33602

Located on the SS AMERICAN VICTORY ship located behind the Florida Aquarium, Chamber is Florida’s ONLY Nautical Haunted Attraction (It’s on a boat).  Even during the day, the ship is extremely creepy (It’s legitimately haunted).  Throw in an actual haunt and you’ve got the perfect recipe for terror.  Not for the faint of heart, you will be traveling all over the ship for what seems like forever (this is a very LONG experience), from the depths to the deck of the ship, and several levels in between.  Their finale played on one of my personal phobias and really shook me!

  • Tip – Due to the location, Chamber can get a little busy.  An express pass will get you through the line a little faster.  Also – park in the parking structure across from the Florida Aquarium.  Dress appropriately, you will be going up and down ship ladders.
  • Scare scale: 9/10 – The ship is the perfect backdrop for a haunted attraction.
  • Cost: Tickets start at $25 with upgrades available. Use the promo code “Hauntscene” to save $5!

Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail featuring Ominous Descent 2837 Frontage Rd S, Plant City, Florida 33566 

There is something inherently scary about being outdoors in the woods in Florida. Appropriately, this location features THREE outdoor haunted trails. It’s so dark! 

This was our first year doing Sir Henry’s, and we were really impressed, they offer two outdoor trails ( The Curse of Hallow Oak and Resurrection), and both add up to a mile of fun frights. We loved the aesthetic of the Curse trail being set in the late 1600’s.

(L) Curse at Hollow Oak Trail, (R) Resurrection Trail at Sir Henry’s.

Unfortunately, the original Ominous Descent Haunted Attraction in Bartow was destroyed during Hurricane Irma.  Thankfully, their friends at Sir Henry’s offered to let them build an outdoor trail for this season. Even though they built their haunt in a shocking 9 DAYS – it’s the scariest of the three there.  This was definitely the most intense outdoor haunt we’ve ever done.  We can’t wait to see what happens when Ominous Descent rebuilds in 2018!

  • Tip – Wear closed-toed shoes, and check the weather report before heading out. Since this is an outdoor trail, they may delay opening if it is raining.
  • Scare scale: Sir Henry’s 7/10, Ominous Descent 9/10.
  • Cost: Tickets start at $12 per trail, or $30 for all three!

Scream-A-Geddon – 27839 Saint Joe Rd Dade City, Florida 33525

This “Scream Park” might be a little bit of a hike, but it’s worth it AND open every day of the week through Halloween. Boasting *4* houses and one haunted hayride in a contained area, this has something for every haunt fan.  Afraid of clowns?  Good luck in Bedlam 3D.  Love zombies?  Infected: Ground Zero is the one for you.  Afraid of the dark?  They give you a glow stick in Deadwoods to help.  Ever wanted to wander through a prison riot?  Blackpool Prison has you covered.

  • Tip – Several of the houses offer an interactive experience. You can opt-in by wearing a glow-necklace that is provided. We highly recommend doing this!  Blackpool Prison is absolutely terrifying and one of our favorites.
  • Scare scale: 6-8/10 (The houses and trails vary).
  • Cost: Tickets range from $23-$41 depending on what night you go. Upgrades are available.
Melissa Lukac and Johnny Bronto Lipscomb on HauntScene Live.


I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the local, independent haunted attractions here in Central Florida! Keep in mind this is NOT a complete list! HauntScene will review more haunted attractions throughout the fall season, but these are some of our favorites so far.

Be sure to visit HauntScene.com for a complete haunt directory, and follow us on Social Media. We also go live on Tuesday nights at 8pm during the fall season to discuss all things haunts in Central Florida, you can tune at Http://live.hauntscene.com.

Until next year, spook easy and happy haunting from the HauntScene team!

Laura is a blogger and part of the marketing team for State27Homes.com | She has spent most of her life in the Sunshine State and does her best thinking at the beach with a perfect cup of coffee. Outside of work, Laura loves adventurous road trips, gardening, and spending time with her husband and pets in their little bungalow in the Conway area of Orlando.

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