Go for the Glow

Experience the wonder of bioluminescence on Florida’s Space Coast.

When to see it.

Seeing bioluminescence up close has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I’m hoping to make it happen before the end of the season this year. Florida’s peak “glowing” season is June through early October when parts of Florida’s East Coast beaches and brackish waterways light up with bioluminescence. It’s a chemical reaction that produces light from marine organisms like plankton, algae and jelly fish. Freshwater bioluminescence is very rare, but it does occur with land species like fireflies and even some mushrooms.

In Florida we are treated to naturally occurring bio-light shows from plankton in the warmer months. When the weather begins to cool down, jellyfish take center stage and begin to light up our waters.

How to see it: kayak tours.

For a vivid and up close view of the glow, kayak tours are highly recommended.

If you live in or are visiting Central Florida you are not far away from the bioluminescent action, which is mostly found on the Space Coast. Below I’ve listed a few companies that offer these special tours.

Tours are around two hours long and typically cost $40-$45 per person.

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Pontoon tours.

Kayaking is not the only option to see the glow, check out Space Coast River Tours. They offer nighttime bioluminescent group tours on a pontoon boat. All you have to do is show up and sit back for the show.

See you by the light of the moon!

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Laura is a blogger and part of the marketing team for State27Homes.com | She has spent most of her life in the Sunshine State and does her best thinking at the beach with a perfect cup of coffee. Outside of work, Laura loves adventurous road trips, gardening, and spending time with her husband and pets in their little bungalow in the Conway area of Orlando.
  • Michelle Seymour says:

    What beach can the bioluminescence be seen at? We would love to experience this amazing event with but do not want to go out in a kayak.

    • Laura Knight says:

      Hi Michelle,
      I’m not certain how much of the "light show" you would be able to see from the shoreline. Here in Central Florida you could try going out to the Brevard area beaches and maybe some areas near Tampa Bay during peak season. If kayaking isn’t your thing, I suggest doing the Space Coast River Boat tour mentioned in the post – it’s not a kayak tour, it’s a river cruise type tour. Also, you might try reaching out to one of the tour companies and asking for tips about shoreline viewing. Any readers out there know of good shoreline spots to view bioluminescence?

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