Low-key Florida Beaches to Visit During Spring Break

State27Homes bloggers, Natashia and Laura, serve up a list of low-key Florida beaches for spring break.

Trip Advisor’s Top 25 best beaches in the U.S. for 2017, included popular Florida beaches  — Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach and good ole’ Siesta Beach coasting into the number one spot.

With spring break upon us our well known beaches will definitely see an influx of visitors, but if you are like me then beach time means relaxation, not crowds.

Last year I made a goal to visit at least one new beach since I typically stick to my familiar spots. Well I’m glad I did, because I found two excellent low-key, relaxing beaches.

Natashia’s picks:

South Beach Park – Vero Beach, FL

South Beach Park, image: Natashia Ford.

Last spring break we took a day trip to the city of Vero Beach to check out the beaches and outlet shopping there. We ended up at South Beach Park, which offered ample parking, gorgeous water and no loud crowds. The beach has a remote feel to it – definitely off the beaten path. We enjoyed this beach so much that we spent the whole day there leaving me no time or energy for outlet shopping. We wrapped up our day at South Beach Pizzeria (delicious!).

Venice Beach – Venice, FL

Last summer my family spent a few days in Venice (Southwest Fla.), and we had such a great time. My dad fished off the Venice Fishing Pier (free of charge), my kids enjoyed looking for shark teeth, and I napped on the beach.

Venice Fishing Pier, image: Natashia Ford.
Venice Fishing Pier, image: Natashia Ford.

Natashia is a lifestyle blogger and contributor for State27Homes.com. Originally from New Jersey, she enjoys discovering Florida by way of road trips and staycations. She’d pick the Florida sun over the winters of up north any day.


Laura’s picks:

I chose two beaches that are refreshingly unexpected with wild landscapes and hidden paths. Each of these beaches is approximately two hours from Orlando, west and north respectively.

Bean Point – Anna Maria Island, FL

Bean Point colorful mollusks, image: Kirk Stephens.
Bean Point colorful mollusks, image: Kirk Stephens
Anna Maria Island’s north side beaches are one of mine and my husband’s go-to beach spots. We drive in from Orlando, stop at Ginny’s & Jane E’s for coffee and then we mosey across the street and plant ourselves on a lovely patch of sand (with occasional strolls and swimming breaks) … and don’t move until it’s time to drive home or get dinner at Sign of the Mermaid.

Last year we were fortunate enough to spend a proper vacation on the island, and we discovered Bean Point. It’s perfect for sunsets and a bit of quiet time in a kind of wild “untouched” landscape. The access point we found is tucked away in a residential neighborhood, but this is a public spot. You can get down to the beach at the cross roads of N. Bay Blvd and North Shore Drive (we parked on Jacaranda Rd.). Look for the opening (it’s not marked with signage, but you’ll see a path). Tip: bring sneakers to slip into or thick-soled flip flops, since this beach is kind of wild, some spots have thorns in the sand.

Boneyard Beach – Jacksonville, FL

Florida is known for its sugary sand, warm water and wide open beach vistas, so finding a beach with dramatic cliffs and crashing surf is unexpected and special — I think it’s a wow factor, especially for long-time Florida locals. Boneyard Beach at Big Talbot Island State Park in Jacksonville is that kind of beach. Named for the downed trees on the beach, Boneyard is an amazing change of pace for a hike and a picnic. During my visit in January, I found it to be peaceful and definitely low-key. I highly recommend it for a unique beach day.

Hiking at Boneyard Beach
Hiking at Boneyard Beach, image: Laura Huffman.

Realtor® Recommended Low-Key Beaches:

We are lucky to have access to so many knowledgeable REALTORS® from all over Florida for neighborhood tips like these. When we asked our local area experts to share some of their “off the beaten path” beaches, they gave us beaches we’ve never even heard of, which is exactly what we wanted to share with you.

Tip! Looking for more quiet spots to read or just chill while you dig your heels into the sand? Beaches at Florida’s state parks are wonderful, low-key options typically without high rises and rowdy crowds.

We hope you get a chance to explore, and most importantly relax, at some of these beaches.

Happy beach-ing!



Laura is a blogger and part of the marketing team for State27Homes.com | She has spent most of her life in the Sunshine State and does her best thinking at the beach with a perfect cup of coffee. Outside of work, Laura loves adventurous road trips, gardening, and spending time with her husband and pets in their little bungalow in the Conway area of Orlando.

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